Head of Display/Buildings areas:

Steam & Hot Air: Wesley Bosch                               Gas Engine & Engine Alley: Adam Bosch

Feature Building: Each year contact person           Bulter Gas Building: Cal Freeman

Main Street Gas: Dick Bosch                                    Press Building:

Lawyer Building: Jenith Benson                                 Church: Helen Hennes

Sorghum Building: Don & Barb Boll                          School House: Tammy Tagtow, Mary Benson

Music Stand: Tom Gustafson                                      Blacksmith: Lee Minzel

Brown Garage:                                                               Barn Yard Area: Mike Jacobson

Rope making: Bengston Family                                  Play Area: Dylan Kalkbrenner Family

General Store: Lloyd Swenson                                   Municipal #1 Power & Light: Lee Minzel

Travel Cabin:

Ladies Activities committee: Jeanette Jacobson Chairperson –Jan Johnson

Sawmill & Shingle mill committee: Brent & Tex Ringler Chairperson,Dale Yungk, Perry Yungk, Bill Young and more

Farming committee: Arlan Hedtke Chairperson – Dean Stenberg & Tony Anderson.

Parade/Registration committee: Deb Ringler Chairperson- Riley Ringler, Mary Trnka,

Souvenirs Stand: Cheri Bosch & Thersa Stark

Ice Cream Stand: Kathy Yungk & Julie Schultz            

Kids Pedal Pull: VaLoris Anderson      

Concessions: Lions of Atwater